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Are 13×4 Lace Front Wig And 13×6 Lace Front Wig any different?




Lace front wigs have reigned in the hair industry due to their seamless coverage and undetectable hairline. If you talk about the latest wig trends, the front lace wigs occupy a respectable place. Commonly there are two kinds that users generally prefer, a 13×4 lace front wig and a 13×6 lace front wig.

Although both are specimens of the same wig class, they differ significantly in some aspects. The type you choose generally depends on the style you want to make. But do these numbers matter for an everyday user? The below illustration will help you get an understanding.

A 13×4 Vs. 13×6 Front Lace Wig

Let’s begin by understanding the 13×4 lace front wig. The first number in the dimensions refers to the ear-to-ear length and the second figure represents the length stretching to the back. You can also understand as it is the length of the part.

A 13×4 front lace wig contains two parts: the handmade section and the machine-made one. The hair strands are on the handmade area, which is further attached to a machined cap to provide longevity. Similarly, a 13×6 wig has a 13 inches wide machine-made lace cap which houses the hair and spreads 6 inches to the back. Ultimately, providing a deeper part than the 13×4 lace front wigs.

How does A 13×4 Differ from A 13×6 Lace Closure?

Lace Length

Naturally, the two closures have different lace lengths. As you have seen, the 13-by-4 wig has a shorter part than the 13-by-6 wig. Although, both have the same ear-to-ear width, i.e., 13 inches.


Next comes breathability. Although lace closures provide more breathability than other wigs, a 13×4 offers a little less breathability as the back length is short. Comparatively, the 13×6 lace front wig offers more breathability due to its increased length.

Price and Looks

The wig’s size determines its price. Hence, a 13×4 lace closure is less expensive as it is smaller than a 13×6 closure. Furthermore, you get more styling flexibility and naturality as a 13×6 wig offers increased back length. In comparison, 13-by-4 lace closure works well when you are looking to style your hair with fewer parts.

Are There Any Similarities?

Since the two closures are similar on the first look, it’s best to know their common features.

The Installation Method

Firstly, it’s essential to acknowledge that the installation method of a 13×4 wig is the same as that of a 13×6 front lace wig. The stylist braids your natural hair and cuts the lace to fit the hairline. Next, they glue the wig on your head and add a powder to match the wig’s lace to your skin tone.

Construction And Maintenance

Similarly, they require the timely maintenance because both use human hair. You can use the same maintenance practices and products if you buy a 13×4 wig after a 13×6 wig. Furthermore, they have identical construction, the handmade part attached to the machine part of the wig.

Wrap Up

The lace front wigs are significantly popular for their seamless naturality. They are relatively easy to install and offer versatility as well. However, the types that have claimed the hair industry are the 13×4 and 13×6 front lace wigs.

Both these closures have their similarities and differences. However, the final choice fundamentally depends on your preference. If you want more edgy styles with many random parts, a 13×6 wig will work for you. Alternatively, if you are looking for sleek styles on a limited budget, the 13×4 is your go-to because the 13×6 is relatively expensive.


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