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Features Of the Timeless Suorin Drop 2 Vape Pod Kit




Vapes come in tremendously vast shapes and designs. However, the final decision depends on your preferences. They provide a smoking-like experience but contain less nicotine and are less harmful.

The market is brimming with countless options that leave your head spinning when you go out to buy a vaping device. Fortunately, this article will save you from the unnecessary hassle as it talks about an all-time favorite vape, the Suorin Drop 2 Vape Pod Kit by YOUMEIT. Know more about this top-notch product by reading the article further.


Let’s begin by examining the exterior of the Suorin Drop 2 vape pod. Featuring a compact size with dimensions of 78.8mm x 52mm x 17.6mm, it sizes up to one-third of a cell phone!

The curved sides make it extremely comfortable to hold and use. Since the external design is a priority for many users, the Suorin Drop comes in six glamorous colors. Especially, the scream-printed edition completes the perfect scary look for a Halloween party.

The Battery

The Suorin Drop incorporates a high-performing 1000mAh battery that lasts for long hours. It outputs a maximum power of 14w, which helps deliver the desired crispness in flavors.

The Power Button

Accidental triggers irritate and worry many users. Luckily, the power button of Suorin Drop is engineered elegantly on the metallic side lining to prevent accidental trigging.

The Indicative LEDs

Four indicating LEDs flash when you install the atomizer. There is an air-switch design so you can savor the very best flavor of the e-juice. The battery indications in these lights are below:

  • 75% of all four lights remain alight to indicate maximum battery level
  • 50 to 75%, three lights remaining ignited
  • 25 to 50% only two lights stay ablaze
  • Below 25%, the bottom light starts blinking in red.

The Airflow Design

Vaping devices use a heating source to make the vapor. A sufficient air supply is necessary to maintain the goodness of the flavor. Once the vape powers up, the air inlet creates a closed air chamber structure. The unique spatial layout of the vertical coil allows Suorin Drop to deliver the best mouth-to-lung draws, which both beginners and experienced people desire.

Type C Charging

Suorin Drop features fast Type-C charging. Your device is up and ready within 60 minutes. However, overcharging it can damage its functioning, so it’s best to unplug it after the charging light stops blinking.

Refillable Cartridge

To complement the outstanding performance of Suorin Drop, it comes with a refillable tank of 3.7 ml. However, many users prefer buying two cartridges to save time and money in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Vaping is a rising trend. Due to its popularity and unprecedented demand, many manufacturers put in great efforts to deliver the best-performing vapes. However, unfortunately, all vapes are not adequate for all kinds of users.

The Suorin Drop is excellent when you want the “perfect vape.” It has various artistic exteriors, refillable cartridges, and interactive battery-indicative LEDs.

In addition, the mouthpiece and the curved sides make it highly comfortable. Type C’s fast charging and high-powered battery deliver the best flavors. The excellent air-flow design provides the best mouth-to-lung draws, which is why fresh and experienced vapers equally prefer it.


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