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How to Use a Pressure Washer Correctly




Pressure washers have an extreme cleaning capacity. They are common among many domestic owners and commercial cleaners. Owing a pressure washer is one thing and using it right is another.

How do you connect the water pipe to the inlet? How to position the pressure washer wands to remove tougher stains? Below is a step-by-step setup guide along with some pro maintenance tips.

Setup Guide to Use the Pressure Washer Correctly

1. Connecting the Garden Hose to the Inlet

Before, you can begin the process. You need to set up the pressure washer. Firstly, connect the garden hose to the inlet valve of the pressure washer. It is a screw-on fixing, so ensure the hose screws on the value nice and tight. Refrain from over-tightening.

2. Filling in the Soap

This step is optional. If your model has a soap tank, fill it to the marked level. Don’t overfill the container. Else, it will flow out, wetting the washer.

3. Attaching the Hose

Next, unstrap the hose from the pressure washer’s handle. Or untangle it. Connect one end of the hose to the pressure washer’s threaded valve. And the other end to the spraying hose.

4. Fixing the Nozzles

Now check which nozzle will work for your application. You can pick the required one and fix it on the hose. Once done, move on to the power supply.

Note: Do not turn on the main water tap unless the setup is fully complete.

5. Power Supply

Electric and gas pressure washers usually have same setups. The only difference lies in the power sources. Gas pressure washers start by pulling a string or turning the key. While for an electric pressure washer, you only need to plug it into a power outlet. Although setting up the unit is easy. But you need to be careful that the power supply stays dry. Wetting the power supply may cause serious harms.

Maintaining Pressure Washers

Maintaining a pressure washer is as important as taking in oxygen. Neglected units result in inefficient performance, becoming useless chunks of metal overtime. Check out the below tips to increase your pressure washer’s life.

Optimal Levels of Oil

Gas power washers need engine oils to function properly. Perform a dipstick check every month. If the oil levels are lower than the calibrated. Fill them up. Electric pressure washers don’t need engine oil.

Note: The discoloration and milkiness in the oil indicates an oil change.

Check Nozzles and Hose

The nozzle may become jammed over time. If you observe the performance of the washer is dropping. An old nozzle may be a cause. Nozzle lasts up to several months or a year depending upon the application.

Next, check the hosepipe for any bends or cracks. Since they incorporate a mesh inside. Bending or forced winding may damage them.


Pressure washers are excellent gadgets that deliver performance and economy. But, if you don’t know how to use it right. The outcome may not be the same. Therefore, the guide above dives into all the necessary details. Moreover, maintenance of the unit is also important. A well-maintained unit lasts up to 8 to 10 years. While a neglected one remains good for 2 to 3 years only.


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