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Quail Egg Incubator – Things You Don’t Know




The quail is not a very famous a very specie of edible bird. Traditionally it was used for games. It naturally breeds in the west and spends winters in Africa and South Asia Subcontinent. With advancements in nutritional sciences and artificial breeding, quails are about to replace chicken. Quail gives a high content of iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and other minerals. Quails produce about 300 eggs a year, breed in winters, and lay eggs in autumn.

If you are into the quail business, you must know how to artificially incubate quail eggs. The most important equipment you need for increasing the quail population is a quail egg incubator.

An incubator is a specially designed container to place quail eggs at an optimum temperature for quail eggs so that they can hatch after seven weeks to produce quail chicks. You can find a wide range of quail egg incubators at Alibaba.com.

Important Things to Consider While Buying Quail Incubator

Following are the important attributes to consider while buying an incubator.

Egg-Rack Size

The first thing to consider is to rack size. Normally, universal rack sizes are available for quacks, but one should prioritize incubators specifically designed for quack eggs. Compared to chicken and duck eggs, quack eggs are very small. So, you can get the best results using a quack egg incubator.


Alibaba incubators vary in capacity from 10 eggs to 50000 eggs. If you are a homeowner and are into quails, you should go for up to 100 eggs container. If you are an established business owner, 1000+ capacity is ideal. But if you are new to the business, you should experiment with lesser capacity incubators.

Automatic Turning of Eggs

A quail egg hatches in 18 days. Turning the quail eggs is necessary up to the first 15 days of incubation. It’s really hard to turn the eggs manually. Some incubator manufacturers offer built-in instruments to turn the eggs automatically. Others make adjustments to manual turning easy.

Temperature Setting Options

Quail eggs turn into chicks at up to 100 Fahrenheit or 37 Celsius; that’s the normal human body temperature. This temperature is artificially maintained within an incubator as the temperature outside varies. Lesser temperature is required in later stages.


As quails are naturally born in cooler areas, humidity is needed for their safe hatching. That humidity requires water as well as a power supply.

Built-in Cups for Water

After the 18th day, when eggs have hatched, the chicks have to be kept in the incubator for 24 hours. At this time, water is required for them. Built-in cups provide that source of water. These are not available with all quail incubators.

Power Source

For optimum temperature and humidity, maintenance and automatic turning of eggs’ power supply is necessary. Some incubators operate with only one source of power, i-e, Electricity; others come up with dual-source, and yet other offers a built-in power source, i-e, a battery. You can find all the options on Alibaba.com.


The material and technical equipment determine the useful life of an incubator.


Incubator parts can be replaced, and after-sales services can be taken to maintain some manufacturers’ incubators.


Quail birds are the future of the meat industry. An incubator for quail eggs is a valuable investment, and you’ll reap the fruits of this investment soon. You can always visit Alibaba.com to invest your money in the best possible equipment as per your need.


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