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Record Google Meet – Realtime on PC/Mac




Google meet is an online software that you can use anywhere or anytime around the globe. Most people/ business officials are familiar with this tool. It does not depend where you are just having an internet connection will keep you going.

But most people or officials face an issue while keeping the record of google meet. Don’t worry, as EaseText provides a solution in this regard. With this software, you can record google meet meetings.

This article aims to offer the usage process and feature why you should use google meet. Sounds exciting? Keep reading!

Record Google Meet Meeting Through EaseText

You can follow multiple steps to get the most out of EaseText. Some steps include:

  • Download the EaseText software on your laptop/ PC/ Desktop
  • Install the software and then launch it
  • Now on the main interface, click on the transcribe tab
  • After that, start the google meet meeting
  • This allows you to record anything in the video or audio in the form of text
  • A later option exists to edit the file if you want
  • In the last, you need to export the file, and you can keep it in your record

Why Record Google Meet With EaseText?

There are a number of reasons. Some notable reasons include the following:

Ease of Information Review

Keeping the record on google meet will help you retrieve the details. This is especially beneficial when working on a mega or essential project. Knowing the ins and out, in this case, are extremely important. Therefore, easetext allow you to gather crucial details in the very instant. This way, you can work on projects that feature very tight deadlines.

Share Meeting With Anyone

There are instances when someone cannot attend the meeting for any reason. But in this case, you don’t need to worry. You can stay aware of what is being said at the conference. By recording a google meet you can share it later with anyone you want. This will help you follow the right direction.

Increase Productivity

When the employees, workers, or team members have the key details. They can double up their working speed without fear of doing wrong. This not only boosts employees’ productivity but also increases revenue to the overall business or company. It will also help you achieve your success goals in no time.

Improves Record Keeping

The EaseText help you improve record keeping. Using this valuable software help, you don’t miss any meetings. No matter what time you need a specific meeting for review, you have that. A better organization through record keeping will also lead to the fruitful ending of a particular project.

Facilitates in Training

With this feature of the EaseText, you don’t need to train your new employees or workers. You don’t need to spend extra time-making videos or educational material. The recording of google meet meetings will ensure sufficient knowledge provision on a particular project or aspect. In other words, this also boosts your success rate.

We hope that the information in this article will help you. For any queries or assistance, comment below or email us.


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