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Things to know before buying an electric bicycle




Are you planning to buy an electric bike? Finding a perfect e-bike can be a daunting challenge. There are various options, price differences, performance, and specifications to ponder before you take a plunge and invest your huge bucks. In-depth research is a great way to understand different aspects of electric bikes. Test rides are also an effective way to know what you like better.

Here is a comprehensive list of aspects that may assist you to know what to look for and what exactly you are going to get into. Let’s dive into it!

How does an electric bicycle work?

Electric bikes with battery-power assist come with pedaling or throttle in certain cases. With a throttle-assist electric bike, you simply turn the handlebar or push the button and the motor is activated and you are good to go while pedal-assisted bikes require effort for the movement of the pedals. You push the pedal and the bike goes along, pull the brakes, and the bike stops. You can’t go anywhere without pedaling.

Main components of an electric bike

Electric bikes have three chief constituents that distinguish them from a traditional bike- the battery, the motor, and the control unit that gives you a helping hand and you can go up hills and voyage over uneven terrain without chattering yourself.

Without any ado, let’s dive into the details.

The battery

A powerful battery system is a vital component that empowers the electric motor for pedal-assisted riding. Powerful batteries enable you to attain a maximum level of assistance while cruising technical climbs such as uphill and downhill, or facing severe weather conditions.

Batteries come up in different shapes and sizes when it comes to electric bikes. You may have smaller batteries that are lighter in weight while bigger batteries clamp additional charge. The bigger the battery the more miles you can ride.

If you are deciding to buy an electric bike consider Troxus SkyHopper 20” Fat Tire Electric Bike which is 48v electric bike and get an amazing biking experience. The bike is empowered with a portable Samsung 48v battery which delivers maximum power to activate the motor And keeps you going on up to 25 to 40 miles per charge.

The motor

The motor also comes in diverse options: the hub motors(mounted in the front or rear) use cutting-edge technology and are perfect for commutes and dainty mountain cruises, however, if you are a real mountain biking enthusiast, and planning an off-road trip a mid-drive motor unit is a wise choice. They are mounted in the middle of the bike and empower cranks rather than wheels. Troxus SkyHopper 20” Fat Tire Electric Bike is designed with 750W Hub Motor which requires no maintenance.

Control unit

Electric bikes come with different riding modes. You can switch to a particular mode with a push of a button. The full motor mode gives an extra boost so you can enjoy the ride of your life leisurely.

The smart display

A smart display is embedded in electric bicycles which provides information such as battery assistance level, your average speed, how many miles you have done


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