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5 Noticeable Warning That Your Laptop Battery Is Faulty




Most laptop batteries are rated with a service life of around one or two years. No matter how well you maintain the battery, it will lose the ability to recharge once the service life is over. Eventually, you will require a Replacement Laptop Battery for HP to keep your computer running effectively. When the laptop gets faulty, you will have noticeable signs to let you know that you need to replace it. These signs will affect your computer performance. The following are the common signs you need a replacement battery for your computer.

Warning from Windows

When the laptop battery becomes faulty, the windows operating system will warn you. You will get notified on the taskbar suggesting you consider replacing your battery. You can click on the battery icon on the system tray to see the report. If the battery is faulty, you will see a red X on the battery icon, which means that the battery is not fit to hold enough charge. The laptop will shut down suddenly when the battery becomes faulty. You will need to use the laptop only when plugged in in this case.


When the laptop battery becomes faulty, you will notice excess heat when the computer is running. The computer will start to work harder and produce more heat because the fans cannot keep up. The laptop will also get noisy as the lovers attempt to cool down the heat. Once you feel the computer getting hot from the bottom, the chances are that the battery is faulty, and you should consider replacing it sooner. You should also shut down the computer once it gets hot to prevent further damage.

Failure to Charge

Your laptop will fail to charge if the battery has experienced problems. If you plug in the battery and it doesn’t charge, be sure to check the battery status. Other issues could also lead to the laptop failing to charge. Therefore, you should check for other problems to be sure about your battery. For instance, you can plug the computer into a power source without the battery to check if the power connection is working.

Short Use Time and Frequent Shutdowns

Your laptop will run for short times if the battery becomes faulty. If you get back to the charger more often and you can get your work done before the laptop shuts down, the chances are that you need a replacement battery. Normally, the computer should take 5 hours when it runs on a standard battery. However, other things might affect the run time of the battery. The computer will also keep shutting because of a sudden loss of power from the batter.

Slow Charge

The laptop is likely to charge slowly when the battery is faulty. If you experience exceptionally slow charging, it may be a warning sign that you need to replace the battery. A healthy battery will charge normally and retain power when it has been unplugged from the power supply. In case the condition persists, you should consider replacing your battery as soon as possible to avoid further problems with the computer.


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