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How to Buy a Customized Vanity Makeup Mirror




Mirrors are essential to our preparation process before and even after leaving the house. Most people pay less attention to them, choosing any they come across, which can affect their overall look, especially during makeup application. Vanity mirrors come in various forms, shapes, and colors. You can find a vanity mirror with lights, without lights, a portable one, and even other extra features. These mirrors have different price ranges, and getting the best kind goes beyond focusing on the cost only. This article highlights tips to consider when picking the ideal customized vanity makeup mirror.

How to choose a vanity makeup mirror

Everyone wants to look nice during the day or on a night out, and these mirrors come in handy, considering most are portable. Most women invest a lot of money in skincare products but neglect the quality of their mirrors. Much attention is needed on the vanity mirror to see what’s going on with your skin and how the makeup looks on you. The ideal mirror serves you better for longer. Also, the beauty of customization is choosing how you want the makeup mirror to look or its features. There are several factors to look out for before buying, but the two main ones are;


Makeup application relies heavily on good lighting. Poor lighting can give unwanted results, which you need to avoid. Natural lighting is often the best. However, it’s impossible to use during the early morning when it’s still dark or at night. Vanity makeup mirrors with lights are best in such situations and even during the day for additional lighting. Most come with LED lighting as it’s the closest to natural lighting.


Regular mirrors are also great for makeup application, but magnifying vanity mirrors are a game changer. Magnification is alright, even for those with good vision to portray the exact application and final look. These mirrors have convex glass that magnifies; hence, you must get close to have a clear and focused image. You can select the degree of magnification based on your preference. Some are 3x while others go up to 15x. Also, some have mirrors on both sides, one that’s magnified and one that’s not. This can be a good option for use anytime without limitation.

Quality and aesthetics

Do you want the vanity makeup mirror to serve you for many years? You can never go wrong with a quality option. Such a decision ensures you do not spend money each day buying another mirror. What about the appearance of the mirror? While your looks matter most, ensure you go for a mirror you will love using—for instance, something with attractive colors. You can even decide to match your makeup space.

Final words

Besides aesthetics, lighting, and magnification, the budget highly influences your choice of mirror. Some are more costly than others, so go for what suits you. Also, the shape is another factor but isn’t a major one for many people. Buy your customized mirror from Rilifactory and get to enjoy the best light, magnification degree, shape, color, and quality.


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