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Points to Consider When Buying a Lipstick Mold Kit




Are you in the lipstick producing and selling business? If yes, then lipstick mold is a must-have production tool. It should be able to fit into your production cost and procedures.

Things to consider before purchasing a versatile lipstick mold kit :

a. Products’ limit

Many people who go into the cosmetic business diversify and start producing products other than lipsticks. If you have plans to create other beauty products in the future, a mold that can be used in the production of other items is ideal.

You will want a mold that can be used to produce other cosmetic sticks and beauty products like lip balms. It will cut down on the cost of production, and one versatile lipstick mold can be used for different products.

b. Material

Molds available in the market are made from different materials. Some are made from silicone. Those that are metallic are usually made from aluminum. In some instances, the materials used to make the molds are determined by several cavities put on the mold.

c. Purpose of lipstick production

Some people get into cosmetic production for their use or to share with family and friends. If you are in the production of lipstick for DIY, a small-sized mold is ideal. Due to the large mass production, a more extensive mold with more cavities is the best for commercial purposes.

d. The number of cavities

Cavities or the number of molds determines the number of lipsticks produced. If going into mass production targeting a large market base, a mold with many holes is ideal. For small-scale production, which can also be DIY, one with fewer or fewer cavities will suffice.

e. Size of the lipstick tube

Lipstick tubes vary in size depending on the quantity of the contents. When looking for a mold, consider the size of the tube or case holding the lipstick.

f. Type of lipstick

Some lipstick is matte, and others glossy. With this in mind, you should get a mold with the correct depth to hold the contents of the lipstick base. If not deep enough, the contents might run before they are set entirely.

g. Ease of usage

Any tool of production should be easy to use. Before purchasing it, consider the ease of use. For DIY purposes, a mold that is easy to use is ideal. You should be able to take it apart easily, put it back together and pour in your lipstick base.

h. Cleaning Process

Consider the process of cleaning after use. It should be fast and easy in readiness for the next production phase. A majority of production pieces of equipment are cleaned using soap and water. An ideal mold should also fall under the exact cleaning procedure.


Production costs should be controlled when going into production, be it for DIY purposes or targeting a larger market. The total cost of creating a product largely contributes to its selling price.

In an already competitive market, mass-produced cosmetics should be reasonably priced to gain favor from customers. Choose a versatile lipstick mold that will contribute to reduced production costs and allow the production of different products.


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