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Top 5 Best PC Batteries You Should Get




Everyone deters seeing the “battery low” message pop-up on their screen while being lost in the virtual realm of their PC, working, gaming, or seeing a movie. It’s a sudden and unfair jerk back to reality. It would be best to have all the juice you can get for long-lasting hours of work and non-stop fun. While hundreds of batteries claim to offer you extended hours, very few have distinguished themselves. To see some of those few quality batteries that grant you long working hours on your PC, check Achat Batterie PC Portable and place an order.

  1. Asus A41-X550A Li-ion Battery: Gather here long-lasting battery lovers. If you seek a battery capable of performing heavy-duty tasks, the Asus A41-X550A Li-ion battery has a high capacity of 220mAh. Made with a high-grade four-cell battery from Samsung and Panasonic, the Asus A41-X550A is built for one purpose, giving you maximum hours of satisfaction. Its body comprises of very durable plastic, which is resistant to fire.
  2. HP KI04 41Wh battery: When it comes to performance, trust HP batteries to meet your high standards. Tested to ensure good hardware compatibility, the HP KI04 pumps your system with its 14.8 voltage Li-ion battery, ensuring your continuous engagement on your system. Furthermore, it comes in a four-cell battery, which enhances its appeal. With this battery, you need not worry about that “low battery” message popping up on your screen.
  3. Acer AC14B8K: This powerhouse is made of high-grade Li-ion cells from Samsung or Panasonic, giving you the best performance at all times. It supplies your PC with 15.2V, ensuring your system performs optimally at all times. It also runs on four cells to give you a non-stop performance round the clock.
  4. FPCBP530AP: When you speak of long working hours and useful life, this Fujitsu battery has it all. The 3950 mAh battery guarantees 24 hours of continuous usage. It is a standard Li-on battery, possessing a quick charge feature, should your battery get drained at any time. Furthermore, FPCBP530AP has three cells.
  5. VGP-BPS21: Built to meet up with the highest standards, the VGP-BPS21 will keep your PC running non-stop for hours. Being a standard Li-ion battery type, the VGP-BPS21 has a rating of 7800/5200 mAh. Furthermore, its 9cell and 3-year service life mean you have a battery of high standards.


There are various replacement batteries on the market that pack sufficient battery life to keep your PC up and running at all times. Any laptop battery that lasts more than eight hours without needing to charge is good. Whether it’s work, gaming, or other activities, concerns about your PC running low on power can become history by getting one of the recommended batteries for your PC. You can also purchase other high quality, long-lasting, efficient, and affordable batteries via Achat Batterie PC Portable, if you seek a replacement battery for your PC.


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