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How to Burn Calories while Working?




Are you worried about burning calories while working? It’s everyone’s dream while they work hard every day for so many hours without any rest. Not all of us are lucky enough to have the energy to go to the gym after work or wake up early in the morning and start our day with a workout session.

If you’re one of those fitness aspirants who are lazy enough, this article is tailor-made for you.

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Is it possible to burn calories while working?

Of course! If someone tells you otherwise, don’t trust them. It’s possible to burn calories while working, especially if you got your hands on a quiet desk treadmill. There’re a lot of ways to burn calories while working but first of all, you’ve got to break the lazy cells in your body and get active.

Until and unless you’re unwilling to make an effort, there won’t be any results. Here’s how you can burn calories while working:

Stand up and move around

Sitting for prolonged periods is not only bad for your posture, but it also slows down your metabolism, leading to a lower calorie burn. Standing up and moving around every hour or so is a simple way to keep your body active and burn calories. You can take a short walk around the office or do some stretches at your desk.

Incorporate exercises into your workday

There are many exercises you can do at your desk that can help you burn calories and stay active. Some examples include:

  • Chair squats: Stand up in front of your chair and squat down until your butt touches the seat. Stand back up and repeat.
  • Desk push-ups: Place your hands on the edge of your desk and lower yourself down until your chest touches the desk. Push back up and repeat.
  • Leg raises: Sit up straight in your chair and lift one leg off the ground. Hold for a few seconds and then lower it back down. Repeat with the other leg.

Use a standing desk

A standing desk is an excellent investment if you want to burn more calories while working. Standing burns more calories than sitting, and it can also improve your posture and reduce the risk of back pain. If you can’t afford a standing desk, you can use a high table or countertop to work on.

Take the stairs

Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs to burn extra calories. Climbing stairs is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that can help you lose weight and improve your fitness level.

Use a fitness tracker

Using a fitness tracker can help you keep track of your daily activity levels and motivate you to move more. Many fitness trackers have features that remind you to move or take a break when you’ve been sitting for too long.

Final Thoughts!

Fitness should be a priority whether you’re working or not. It’s important to stay active and lose calories because otherwise, one would keep on gaining weight that’d eventually impact productivity. Therefore, defy the myth that burning calories while working isn’t possible. You can do both if you follow the right guidelines and buy right equitpment!


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