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Twitch source code, creator earnings exposed in 125GB leak




Live video broadcasting service Twitch has been hit by a massive hack that exposed 125GB of the company’s data. In a 4chan thread posted (and removed) Wednesday, an anonymous user shared a torrent file of the data dump. The dump contains the company’s source code and details of money earned by Twitch creators.

Twitch admits to breach but is unsure of the “extent”

In a 4chan post seen by Ars today, an anonymous user claimed to leak 125GB of data lifted from 6,000 internal Twitch Git repositories. The forum poster mocked Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch, writing, “Jeff Bezos paid $970 million for this, we’re giving it away FOR FREE.”

The hacker wrote that the purpose of the leak was to cause disruption and promote competition among video streaming platforms. The hacker further said that Twitch’s “community is a disgusting, toxic cesspool.”

Twitch has admitted to the breach but has not responded to Ars’ questions. It appears that even Twitch isn’t aware of the full extent of the breach, as the company is still working out the details:


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