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When the symptoms of a bad door are lock actuator and when to replace it?




The door lock actuator is the security system of the car doors. Every door of the car has its door lock. It comes with different types like manual door locks that are fitted in old cars or the last decade manufacturing car systems. Then came the automatic driver door lock actuator. They are considered more secure, more comfortable to open, keyless, and take less time to open than manual lock doors.

The door lock actuators must be of good quality. The driver door lock actuator is the most used door lock among the four-door locks. The car stealers try to open it first to control the steering system of the vehicle. Manual locks are easy to open. They can be opened by iron wire even. So to keep your car safe the driver door lock actuator must be in good condition.

The following are the signs of a bad door lock that will help you to replace it on time.

Signs of the bad door lock actuator system

The door lock actuator shows some symptoms that need to be taken seriously. Sometimes you have to leave the vehicle in a hurry and the faulty door lock actuator can cost you a lot in that situation. It may be an accident. It may be to save someone from any situation. But your planning will be destroyed by your indecision of yours, to not take the replacement step at the time.

Bad door lock actuator symptoms are;

Difficulty in locking the doors from inside

The faulty door lock actuator will start making irritation while locking the door from the inside of the car. You have to push or do some effort to make it open. It means it’s time for inspection.

Start giving noises when operating

Noise from the door locking system is a clear sign that it needs to be checked. The inspection will tell whether it needs to be changed or repairing would be enough.

Start taking more time

The door lock starts taking more time than usual. You have to press the door lock more than one time to open or close it. It means the door lock actuator is at fault.

No alarm voice while the door opening

Modern car technology has come with alarm features. The door lock alarm system is connected to the car doors’ opening or closing. A certain voice is made by the alarm system. If it stops then you need to check the actuator.

Repairing or replacing which one to do?

Well, it depends upon the will of the vehicle’s owner but the situation of the door lock actuator is also the point to be noted while deciding. Sometimes there is a small error in the alarm system, in the locking system, a connection needs to be repaired or some other problem, in that case, you just go for the repair.

But if it is showing the symptoms that are discussed above then you have to immediately change it. Otherwise, a serious problem can occur.

Double safety feature

You can make your vehicle more save by using the steering lock system. It will protect your car from theft even if your driver door lock actuator is not working properly. This feature will make you feel relaxed if you have to take your car somewhere before changing the lock system.


The door lock actuator starts doing some things that are signs that it needs inspection. It includes noises from the door while opening, start taking time in opening the door, alarm system going off, and difficulty in opening the doors. These signs show the door lock actuator needs to be replaced. You can apply the double security feature by using the steering lock system.


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